Velvet Rebel hosts Friends Of Mine – A Duran Duran-athon Live Stream For Hope

Many of you know Velvet Rebel as the host of our This Week In Music show on our YouTube channel. What you might not know is that he is a hard core Duran Duran fan and a regular contributor to the Daily Duranie blog. To help entertain people during the COVID-19 quarantines, he has signed up to host a 3 hour live stream of nothing but Duran Duran songs.

Ben Gibbard performs Live From Home series

Death Cab For Cutie and Postal Service frontman, Ben Gibbard, has announced a series of shows that he will live stream daily on YouTube at 7pm EST. During his first broadcast he played The Postal Service’s “We Will Become Silhouettes”, Death Cab For Cuties “Crooked Teeth” and a cover of Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees”. The series aim to provide entertainment to you all while you are at home practicing safe social distancing.