Strangeways Radio is dedicated to bringing you the best new music in the genres of synthpop, dark wave, indie, shoegaze, trip hop, electronica, dream pop and more. We started as an online radio station but as time went on, we decided that radio was not the best way to deliver the music to our followers. With the growing popularity of streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud and others we find that people want more control of what they listen to. We decided to embrace that concept and our new focus is to scour all of the available music outlets and provide them to you in whatever format you choose. A lot of people tell us that they love to find new bands, but there is so much out there that they don’t even know where to begin. We will help!


Our blog contains daily posts about the latest new music, organized by genre.  Songs in the blog will given the RIYL (Recommended If You Like) labels so at quick glance, you can identify if a song might be interesting to you.


Our staff maintains a variety of Spotify playlists with many different themes. Most of the playlists are updated daily. Follow them to get notifications when new songs are added.


Our DJ’s create regular mixed on Mixcloud with themes ranging from modern synth, dark wave, covers, 80s revival and even eclectic mixes like – songs with Vampire Vocals.