Spotify Playlist: Best of Housemartins and The Beautiful South – Oldest Swinger In Town

This weeks playlist features our favorite songs from the catalog of Housemartins and The Beautiful South. As soon as the idea for this playlist came up, I was instantly excited as I feel that these bands don’t categorized properly in the ranks of great music from that era. We have put together roughly 50 songs for you to enjoy from these two bands.

A Certain Ratio finished Talking Heads cover, 40 years in the making. Anniversary box set and tour dates to follow

40 years ago, the English post-punk band A Certain Ratio began recording a cover of a Talking Heads song “Houses In Motion”. At the time, the recording was intended to be a collaboration with Grace Jones. Grace Jones never finished her part and the song got abandoned. Now, the band have finally finished recording the song.

The New Division frontman launches new project, To Live And Die in LA, featuring guest singer Dana Jean Phoenix

Followers of Strangeways Radio will be very familiar with The New Division. They have been featured prominently on our shows, podcasts and playlists throughout the years and are one of our favorite modern synthpop bands. We are delighted to announce that John Kunkel, that brains behind The New Division, has created a new project called…