Alt.Rewind with Billy Bragg, Depeche Mode, New Order and The Vapors (June 05, 2020)

Velvet Rebel recaps This Week In Music as covered by Strangeways Radio and Slicing Up Eyeballs. This episode features a cool performance from Billy Bragg, a brand new extended video from Depeche Mode and excerpts from a Record Store Day Peel Sessions recording from New Order. Plus, brand new music from The Vapors. That’s right, the folks who brought you Turning Japanese.

Album Review: Panic Priest – Second Seduction

Chicago’s Jack Armondo is a truly one-of-a-kind musician, and his Panic Priest project is profound proof. Following the release of 2018’s self-titled debut comes the appropriately titled Second Seduction – a deeply relevant record for the wildly chaotic world in which we find ourselves floundering for sincerity and connection amidst the upheaval of daily routine.