Desire takes on Bizarre Love Triangle

Desire is an electronic band on the Italians Do It Better label featuring singer Megan Louise and the label staple Johnny Jewel. The band is best known for their infectious track “Under Your Spell” which I like to refer to as the Forever Ever song. Those fortunate enough to see Chromatics on tour last year were treated to Desire as a warm up act. They performed a version of New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle during that tour and now, the band has released an official recording as a single

Jupe Jupe delivers 80’s throwback song, complete with sax – How Can We Both Be In Love

The Seattle based synth band Jupe Jupe just released a new single that will take you right back to the glory days of the 80s. Mix a swanky video, the synth sounds of Depeche Mode or Camouflage and an INXS style saxophone and you get this – How Can We Both Be In Love. This track is off the forthcoming Nightfall EP, scheduled to be released on February 28.

Shopping – All Or Nothing record review

While everything that Shopping does well sounds better than ever on All or Nothing, the band’s sense of exploration really surfaces on the second side of the record. The intensity of “Lies” sounds more foreboding than anything they have done before while Rachel Aggs’ guitar starts to add some effects to the normally clean, prickly notes. Aggs and Andrew Milk continue to weave vocal lines through each other as Gang of Four once did but the intensity of “Expert Advice” cuts like a diamond