Yet There’s Still This Appeal, That We’ve Kept Through Our Lives: The “Love Will Tear Us Apart” Legacy

It has been listed on countless charts and in so many ranking polls as one of the most – if not the most – influential and perfect pop song of all time. It has inspired musicians all over the world, and united a cadre of dark music genres that do not easily converge. A deconstructed love song, an ode to the fragility and breakdown of relationships and psychological turmoil that results, it has been an anthem for misfits and outcasts the world over for forty years.

Album Review: Panic Priest – Second Seduction

Chicago’s Jack Armondo is a truly one-of-a-kind musician, and his Panic Priest project is profound proof. Following the release of 2018’s self-titled debut comes the appropriately titled Second Seduction – a deeply relevant record for the wildly chaotic world in which we find ourselves floundering for sincerity and connection amidst the upheaval of daily routine.

Past Forward Dance Mix : Stay At Home Edition

Past Forward is a club night that I had to cancel due to the Corona virus. It’s an alternative dance party that features new releases blended with classics in the genres of synth and post punk. Who knows when we will reschedule so instead, I decided to mix together some of the songs that I intended on playing that night. Enjoy these dance songs from the safe comfort of your home and imagine a time when we can all gather again.

Shopping – All Or Nothing record review

While everything that Shopping does well sounds better than ever on All or Nothing, the band’s sense of exploration really surfaces on the second side of the record. The intensity of “Lies” sounds more foreboding than anything they have done before while Rachel Aggs’ guitar starts to add some effects to the normally clean, prickly notes. Aggs and Andrew Milk continue to weave vocal lines through each other as Gang of Four once did but the intensity of “Expert Advice” cuts like a diamond