Spotify Playlist: Best of Housemartins and The Beautiful South – Oldest Swinger In Town

This weeks playlist features our favorite songs from the catalog of Housemartins and The Beautiful South. As soon as the idea for this playlist came up, I was instantly excited as I feel that these bands don’t categorized properly in the ranks of great music from that era. We have put together roughly 50 songs for you to enjoy from these two bands.

Strangeways presents the Definitive 120 Minutes Playlist, A Little Souvenir

Remember when Alternative was not yet mainstream? When there were no music blogs, no Sirius XM, no Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook or MySpace? Where could you hear the new Morrissey, Cocteau Twins or Peter Murphy singles? Where could you discover exciting new artists like The Sundays, The Ocean Blue or The Primitives? You could either stay up all night to catch 120 Minutes on MTV with host Dave Kendall or set your trusty VCR to record and watch in the AM.