Strangeways Radio » VNV Nation announce new album – Transnational

VNV Nation announce new album – Transnational

VNV NationVNV Nation has delivered some exciting news today with the announcement of their new album titled Transnational.  The album is slated for a September release, to be followed by a world wide tour which lasts through 2014.  The band has hinted that the first tour dates will be announced as early as next week.

In other VNV Nation news, the band had planned on releasing a live recording of last years Gothic Meets Klassik festival appearance. However, technical difficulties rendered the recording as unusable.  Fear not though, as Ronan is committed to the cause!  He has been working on an album of VNV songs backed with an Orchestra, which will include recordings of some of the songs from the Gothic Meets Klassik festival along with additional songs.  Ronan has also agreed to perform a few VNV Nation songs along with a classical pianist for this year’s Gothic Cruise.

It’s going to be a very VNV Nation centric 2013/2014. We are very excited for some new material and in the mean time, lets all enjoy this performance of Illusion from last years Gothic Meets Klassik festival.

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