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DJ Mikey : Halcyon Waves

  • Strangeways Owner / Program Director
  • Host of  "Halcyon Waves", Monday nights at 10pm EST
Mikey, was a connoisseur of all things Prince-related in the early 80’s before he dove in to classic alternative with Depeche Mode, New Order, The Smiths, The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen. He teamed up with Zumby on and when that folded in late 2009, Mikey was looking for another musical venture.

Inspired by the kinship amongst many of the local music nights in the Detroit Area, Mikey was came up with the idea for Strangeways Radio – to have many of his favorite DJs host shows to become one large community – all promoting each other. Strangeways was designed to be a place for similar minded DJ's and music fans to experience and share all of the great music out there.  It's mission is to give people an alternative too all of the crap music that is on the airwaves and in many of the clubs.

Mikey's own contribution to the station is his Halcyon Waves show which he bills as a one hour journey featuring a mix of alternative classics, rare gems, and new cutting edge tracks in the genres of trip-hop, shoegaze, dreampop, indie, synthpop, and alternative classics.   

You can follow DJ Mikey on his DJ Page on Facebook:
DJ Zumby : Sound & Vision

  • Host of "Sound and Vision", Monday nights at 9pm EST
DJ Zumby was always one of those, ‘heard it first’ types. From his time in College Radio and local record shops, it was a mission of his to turn other on to his latest discovered gems. He launched the Auralgasms website in 2000, as a way to shine a light on what he felt were under-appreciated artists with more to offer than the drivel FM radio forced down our throats. A few years later when the beloved radio program Big Sonic Heaven left Detroit, he, along with new Auralgasms partner DJ Mikey, hosted the show Sonic Bliss on internet station Q101. When Q101 folded, Zumby and Mikey launched their own 24/7 streaming station, Auralgasms Radio. The anchor show was their co-hosted Sunday night program Aural Bliss. Auralgasms Radio lasted over five years, folding on Dec 31, 2009. However, Mikey had a plan and over a 6 month period, he came up with the idea for Strangeways Radio. Zumby began hosting Sound and Vision, Monday nights at 9PM EST on Strangeways Radio. The show aims to highlight sonic visionaries and vocal pioneers in the realm of his favorite genres, Shoegaze, Dreampop, Britpop, Triphop, Electronica, Indie and Alternative Classics. Named for a song from his all-time favorite artist, David Bowie, Sound and Vision leans heavily toward new releases, but peppered with doses of classics.
DJ Nick: Vapour Trails

 Vapour Trails

  • Host of "Vapour Trails", Monday afternoons at 3pm EST

Nick is the man behind the popular blog, Britpop Revival, replaying the highlights and re-discovering the forgotten bits of the UK's 90s indie renaissance. He has lived in some of England's most thriving cultural centres, such as Grimsby and Wolverhampton but, now ensconced in the rolling hills of rural Devon, is delighted to be bringing his record collection to Strangeways for his new show Vapour Trail.

The spelling of the show is important. Vapour Trail is a classic 1990 song by Ride, Vapor Trails is a 2002 album by Rush. You can expect to hear bands like Ride on the show, Rush is a bit less likely! In fact from early Madchester & baggy, through the peak Britpop years and onto the current artists who wear their Britpop influences proudly on their sleeve, you'll get it all. Each show aims to have songs that you know, songs that you've not heard before and at least one that makes you go "Wow, I've not heard this in years" and then you realise that you still know all the words
DJ Matt Sebastian: Slicing Up Eyeballs


  • Host of  "Slicing Up Eyeballs", Tuesday nights at 10pm EST
  • Matt is the founder and editor of Slicing Up Eyeballs: The Legacy of '80s College Rock (, Matt hosts his show -- also named Slicing Up Eyeballs -- with the same approach he brings to his website, spotlighting the classic indie, post-punk, synthpop and alternative music of the so-called college-rock era, while also tracking the continuing output of those '80s-spawned artists and their various offshoots throughout the '90s, '00s and beyond.
    DJ Nathaniel Cramp: Sonic Cathedral's Broad Church


  • Sonic Cathedral DJ presents "Broad Church", Every other Tuesday at 4pm EST (9pm BST) starting August 10th.
  • Nat is a part of the popular shoegaze night in the UK caled Sonic Cathedral. In additional to being a great place to go to hear great music, Sonic Cathedral has put out several brilliant compilations featuring some of the best up and coming artists. Broad Church uses shoegaze as a jumping off point into a world of psychedelic pop oddity, fearlessly exploring the scene that celebrates itself's influences and inspirations. If it's out there, it's in there.
    DJ Amber Crain: When The Sun Hits


  • Host of  "When The Sun Hits"
    wednesday nights @ 10pm EST, replayed Friday @ 10am EST
  • Though well versed in many genres, shoegaze and dream pop have always been Amber's true loves. She originally began her mission to share the gaze in the summer of 2007, hosting a weekly shoegaze radio show via Houston's beloved independent radio station, KTRU 91.7fm. Though the station has changed ownership, she continues to do a shoegaze show there to this day. In 2010, she co-created the shoegaze and dream pop oriented blog When The Sun Hits with fellow feedback enthusiast and top notch musician Danny Lackey. The blog only recently had it's first birthday, but within a mere year it has grown far more successful than Amber and Danny ever imagined - they've interviewed some of the best musicians of the genre (including some of their idols), dedicated themselves to exposing new and underground artists to the world, released the first When The Sun Hits compilation in May 2011, and have been one of the top resources for all things shoegaze and dream pop on the web. Amber is dedicated to bringing you the best underground sounds from within the realm of shoegaze and dream pop, ranging from feedback drenched classics to cutting edge new releases. When The Sun Hits airs for one hour every Wednesday night, 10pm -11pm EST. Get your gaze on.

    DJ Bynar : Indie Disco

  • Host of  "Indie Disco", Tuesday afternoons at 3pm EST
  • Hailing from the small island of Syros, Greece, Bynar is a mash-up artist / DJ / Radio producer currently residing in London, UK. His longstanding involvement in the music industry spans a variety of roles which include radio producer, music editor and reviewer for Greek music magazine Pop+Rock, graphic and web designer for indie bands and club nights, and long-time resident DJ at Thessaloniki's infamous Berlin Bar.

    Bynar's passion for indie rock, post-punk, electronica and all things doom and gloom has been well documented in his numerous radio shows, mash-ups, and Indie Disco podcasts that combine effervescent dance beats and shoegaze harmonies with new wave hooks, industrial drones, and post-punk aesthetics. Bynar also runs, a blog dedicated to spreading the indie subculture and exposing people’s ears to good music. For the past six years this blog has been serving as a spotlight for new and under-the-radar independent artists that don't have a large amount of mainstream exposure by featuring handpicked mash-ups, covers, remixes, free MP3 downloads, guest mixes, and compilations.

    When not producing his Indie Disco radio show, listening to The Cure or watching Star Trek re-runs, Bynar pretends to be an academic. His office hours at Strangeways University are Tuesday afternoons at 3pm EST. Tune in and prosper!

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