We are bringing back a popular feature to Strangeways called Alternative Timelines. Each post identifies iconic images and formats them perfectly to fit on your Facebook Timeline Header. There will be a different theme each week and for the first installment, I decided to go with a simple Alternative Classics theme that focuses on three of the most iconic covers of all time.


Depeche Mode - Music For The Masses
The songs on Music For The Masses are arguably not for mass appeal, though the larger-than-life singles “Never Let Me Down Again”, “Strangelove”, and “Behind The Wheel” would have you believe otherwise. The rest of the album is drenched in the same dark, carnal overtones as 1986’s Black Celebration, as evidenced by such songs as “I Want You Now”, “To Have and To Hold”, and “Nothing”. Masses was the album that would make Depeche Mode a household name in the USA, followed by a massively successful tour.


New Order - Low-life
1985 saw New Order distance themselves further from their Joy Division past with this classic LP. Low-life comes off as a confident-sounding release, blending driving rock rhythms with memorable pop hooks, Peter Hook’s signature bass sound, and bright. stabbing synth strings. Low-life is arguably their best full-length album, though fans of Brotherhood and Technique might disagree!


Smiths - Meat Is Murder
There was no ‘sophomore jinx’ for The Smiths’ classic second album, Meat Is Murder. Some of Morrissey’s most biting lyrics appear here, including his commentary on carnivores with the controversial title track. The band is full of life on the first six songs – all classics – which feature some exceptional bass playing by Andy Rourke. The reflective “Well I Wonder” takes the final third of the album into a mild slowdown, until the final fadeout of odd animal noises ends album #2.